Monday, April 21, 2008

Mid 90's hardcore/metalcore

i don't necessairly like all of these bands but i thought some other people might enjoy this.
if your band is on here and you want it taken down, let me know.

Abhinanda - Darkness of Ignorance
Abhinanda - Neverending Well Of Bliss
Abhinanda - The Rumble
Abnegation - As Stone Strikes the Cedar demo
Above All - domain
Bird Of Ill Omen-When Love Would've Shown Interest In Us Both
Bird Of Ill Omen-Self Dare You Still Breath
Bloodpact - (a)Bastardization
Caligari- S/T (pre-The Blinding Light...similar style)
Chapter - Discography
clear - the sickness must end
clear - deeper than blood
Cold As Life - Born To Land Hard
Congress - blackend persistance
Culture - 93 demo
Culture - live in Berlin
Day of Suffering - "The Eternal Jihad"
Deadwait - Self Titled
Disembodied - If God Only Knew the Rest were Dead
Dive - 1st demo
Downcast LP + 7"
DRAGBODY - Inheritance of Detriment
Drift Again - unofficial discography
Earthmover - Death Carved Into Every Word
Earthmover - Themes Of Everyday Life
Endeavor - "Crazier Than A Shithouse Rat"
Endeavor - "Don't Die With Your Eyes Closed"
Eucharist - Eucharist
Excessive Force - In Your Blood
Extinction - Hypocrisy Breeds Traitors
Groundwork - Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent
Harvest- Transitions
Harvest- Living With A God Complex
Indecision - A hard rains gunna fall
Indecision - Unorthodox
Ironside - ecstatic ritual
Liar - falls of torment
Lifeforce - Self Titled
Lifeless - S/T 7"
Mayday- lost in sabbath 7"/staplegun 10"/the underdark 7"/120 days of sodom (integrity split) tracks
Mind Over Matter - S/T 7"
One King Down - Jawbreaker Demo
Overcast-Fight Ambition To Kill
Pain Runs Deep - Self Titled
Purusam - outbound
Racetraitor - "Burn the Idol of the White Messiah"
Reckoning Force - Life demo
Rorschach - "Autopsy"
Shield - build me up... melt me down...
Shield - Vampiresongs
Sons of Abraham - "Termites in His Smile"
Soulstice - Raze The Earth
This Day Forward - Transient Effects of Light on the Water
Unconquered - My pain
Unconquered "Wall of Time"
UNDYING - This Day All Gods Die
Union of Uranus - To Bearer of Truth
UNRUH - Setting Fire to Sinking Ships


Realize Real Eyes said...

Hey , you Rule !!!!!!!!
Thanks for upload these 90's gems !
Digital conversion rocks !!!

ÖZCAN,xsalx said...

hello man your blog is wonderfull.but can you post Lifeless - S/T 7" again.its not available.please post again!see you.

ÖZCAN,xsalx said...

hey man please lifeless!!!!!

marktheshark said...

Maharahj rules! I just found my copy of the MCD. Anyone have Chapter One, The Descent?

xfleckx said...

Hy... i'm looking for the Racetraitor Album... it's possible that you re-up it? Did you know where I can buy an Lp of this Album???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

One King Down - Jawbreak Demo LOL. Sorry.
But if you would, I'd be very thankful

Corey Howard said...

please give new links!