Thursday, May 1, 2008

90's emo

Like the entry before this one, this is a just a list of some good stuff that I have put together off messageboards and things like that. I haven't myself put any of this up.

assfactor 4 - lp, comp tracks, etc...

assfactor 4 - sports

inkwell - discography

moss icon-discography

current - discography

rye coalition - demo

indian summer - discography

embassy - LP and 7"

greyhouse - discography

Lincoln - discography

shotmaker - discography

union of uranus - discog.

ottawa - discog.

the hated - collection

castor - discography

merel - demo


food not bombs comp

frail - discography

hoover/lincoln split

hoover - the lurid traversal....

chamberlain - fates got a

godspeed - swimmer's ear

admiral - revolving and loading

giants chair - purity and control

giants chair/boys life split

one eyed god prophecy

boys life/ vitreous humor split


iconoclast - demo

giants chair - hotboy 7"

ethel meserve - spelling the names

evergreen - all 7's

texas is the reason/ promise ring split

giants chair - red and clear

spirit assembly - welcome to lancaster county

Manrae - Pacata Hibernia 7"

ordination of aaron - discog.

sunday's best - where are you now

via - demo

the hated - everysong LP

shikari - discog.


Joseph said...

this is BRILLIANT!

louise cyphre said...

awesome! was just able to get a bunch of stuff that I needed on my comp. Thanks!

Inept Architect said...

such a great post.

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Lucifersmile said...

is there anyway you can re up the Current album?

Lucifersmile said...

is there anyway you can re up the Current discography?