Friday, October 17, 2008

Recent things I have been listening to..

Excessive Force - In Your Blood

I am not going to lie. This album is a little bit ridiculous at times ("you said you'll always be true, but your a weak motherfucker and you never had it in you"), but I fucking love it. Really heavy 90's hardcore. "Those Who Were" has to be one of my favorite straight edge songs ever.


Axegrinder - The Rise of the Serpent Men

Epic crust with metal/folk elements. I can't stress enough how great this album is.



Graven - Perished and Forgotten

My new favorite black metal band. Nothing groundbreaking but its fucking solid through and through.



Anguish Unsaid - Wanting, Waiting and The Chronicles of the Restoration of the Church

Finally, I have decided to upload two albums of a band, who rarely gets an recognition but I think that many people would love. One of my first hardcore/punk shows was at the library ampitheater in my home town. I was about 11 or 12 years old. One of the bands on that show was Anguish Unsaid. I remember being blown away by how intense, passionate and chaotic their live show was. Hailing from Sacramento, they were on a now defunct label called Bettie Rocket records. They had an impact on the northern California hardcore scene to some extent but seem to be forgotten or overlooked for the most part. Yes, they are christian but amazing none the less. I think many people wrote this band off because of their personal beliefs but most anyone who gave this band a chance could not deny the passion and intensity of their music. Their closest comparison I could draw to this band would be Refused, but even then it is not that good of a comparison. The members of Anguish Unsaid went on to from The Hanover Saints and The Blue Letter.
I thought I would try to shed some light on a band that was very influential for me. I hope you all enjoy it.




Native Nod - Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World

Probably one of my favorite emo bands from the 90's. There are some more upbeat parts in some of their songs which has made some people call this band "emocore". Regardless, it is really fucking good.
*link borrowed from check it out!



Zao - Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation

Yes, christian hardcore. I am a christian? Do i condone christianity? No fucking way. Do I love a lot 90's christian hardcore? Definitely. You listen to Vegan Reich so i can enjoy some christian hardcore. Most people have a misrepresentation of this band because of what they did later on in their career. For me though, there first few albums are awesome. This is one of the first hardcore albums I ever heard.



Tripface - Some Part Sorrow

I first heard this band on the Victory Documentary called "Release". Really good 90's style hardcore with some melodic and metal elements.


Stickfigurecarousel - Schema 7"

I randomly discovered this band on a Southern California hardcore compilation in high school and up until recently I had only heard that one song of that comp. Recently though I have gotten my hand on their other material and I love it. I highly recommend this. Emotional 90's hardcore.


Absinthe - S/T 10"

I don't know very much about this band but I do know that I really fucking like them. From somewhere in Arizona I believe. 90's hardcore with elements of metal and screamo.



Craft - Terror Propaganda

Really fucking good black metal. One of my favorite black metal bands. Raging and evil. Definitely worth checking it out.


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